Friday 20th November 2015

Beat the British climate! Painting in Damper conditions.

Did last years wet Spring, Summer and Autumn prevent you from painting? Did your maintenance project or your clients' contract have to be postponed?

If you suffered at the hands of the unpredictable UK climate, you'll be thrilled to learn about our new Vinyl Based Primer, High Build Micaceous iron Oxide and High Build Sheen Finishes…our V1019 range.

Specially developed to permit painting onto metal surfaces in poor, damp conditions (not freezing), these products will cure and harden under dew or on lightly wetted surfaces. Very useful in high humidity situations, swimming pool halls and around sea-side, coastal environments.

If the temperature drops below 10C when you wish to paint, then please consult our guide "Painting In Cooler Weather" and also see the relevant Technical Data Sheet.

A full range of BS and RAL colours are available to order.

For help and advice, please call us on 01202 295570.