BS4800 Colour Chart for swimming pool paints

BS4800 Colour Chart for swimming pool paints. These paint colours are widely recognised throughout the UK and are often used to meet safety, legal or contractual requirements. We are currently seeing increased demand for Black paint for infinity pools. RAL colours also available.

DISCLAIMER: Due to differences in screen displays that are beyond our control, the colours on these pages cannot be guaranteed to match the actual colour of the manufactured product. All colours shown here are for guidance only.

We no longer offer printed colour cards. However, printed colour swatches are available to purchase from

00-A-01 00-A-05 00-A-09 00-A-13 02-C-33 02-C-37 02-C-39 02-C-40 04-B-15 04-B-17
04-B-21 04-C-33 04-C-37 04-C-39 04-D-44 04-D-45 04-E-49 04-E-51 04-E-53 06-C-33
06-C-37 06-C-39 06-D-43 06-D-45 06-E-50 06-E-51 06-E-56 08-B-15 08-B-17 08-B-21
08-B-25 08-B-29 08-C-31 08-C-35 08-C-37 08-C-39 08-E-51 10-A-03 10-A-07 10-A-11
10-B-15 10-B-17 10-B-21 10-B-25 10-B-29 10-C-31 10-C-33 10-C-35 10-C-39 10-D-43
10-D-45 10-E-49 10-E-50 10-E-53 12-B-15 12-B-17 12-B-21 12-B-25 12-B-29 12-C-33
12-C-39 12-D-43 12-D-45 12-E-51 12-E-53 14-C-31 14-C-35 14-C-39 14-C-40 14-E-51
14-E-53 16-C-33 16-C-37 16-D-45 16-E-53 18-B-17 18-B-21 18-B-25 18-B-29 18-C-31
18-C-35 18-C-39 18-D-43 18-E-49 18-E-50 18-E-51 18-E-53 20-C-33 20-C-37 20-C-40
20-D-45 20-E-51 22-B-15 22-B-17 22-C-37 22-D-45 24-C-33 24-C-39 00-E-53 00-E-55

Many of our products are temperature sensitive and have an optimum temperature application range to ensure their best performance. We recommend that you check your local weather conditions prior to starting your project. Visit the BBC Weather Site for your area.

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