Paint for wildlife parks, zoos and aquaria

Paint for animal wildlife parks, zoos and aquaria

A diverse range of water and solvent based products in a multitude of colours available in smooth and non-slip finishes. These paints have good wear characteristics and are suitable for penguin pools and enclosures, sea-lion pools, mock rock structures and other wet areas where constant rubbing and exposure to animal urine and faeces is experienced. Certain coatings, being both sea and fresh water resistant, can be used below water in aquarium and tanks. High performance urine and faeces resistant paint, suitable for painting veterinary clinics, stables, kennels, trailers, horseboxes and other animal and wildlife areas.

Legislation, along with environmental and ecological considerations, is constantly changing to make paints safer for the user and the environment. Whilst many of our products can be made or are offered in a water-based, virtually VOC free material, of necessity there will be for the foreseeable future, specialist coatings containing VOC solvents and in certain cases harmful and hazardous materials. Advice should be sought from us before purchase. These products should be considered as for Professional and Trade Use only. Full Technical and Health & Safety Data is available for all our products.

Recognising the specific nature of painting and coating environments created to hold marine and wildlife, we recommend that all prospective buyers and users of these specialist products talk with our Technical Team prior to specification and purchase. Call 01202 295570.

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