24th April 2024

Water Based Pool Paint IN STOCK!

Water Based Pool Paint IN STOCK - BS & RAL Colours. Aqua Blue equivalent also available.

9th April 2024

Make Sure Your Pool Paint Arrives on Time This Bank Holiday Season.

With Bank Holiday season fast approaching, it's time to plan for swimming pool refurbishments, pool surround makeovers and tennis court surface repairs. Spring is the season to renew, refresh and recharge. ORDER YOUR PAINT NOW!

8th April 2024

CRAZY UK Weather! Should I paint in damp weather?

Is there a quick drying multi purpose paint that can be applied in damp conditions?

4th April 2024


HELP CONTROL THE TEMPERATURE OF YOUR POOL HOUSE. Anti glare, solar reflecting paints and coatings for improved heat dissipation. See more.

2nd April 2024

Spring - The Perfect Time To Paint Your Pool

British Summer Time has begun and the clocks have gone forward. Time to enjoy to enjoy the outdoors!

2nd April 2024

Why Spring Marks the Perfect Time for Refurbishing Your Swimming Pool & Pool Surrounds.

At Technical Paint Services, we believe Springtime is about seizing the opportunity to enhance your swimming pool and pool surroundings.

25th March 2024

More than 300 swimming pools and leisure centres in England have received grants to help boost their energy efficiency and keep running costs down.

Swimming Pool Support Fund helps facilities prepare for the future. Phase II of the fund sees £60 million of exchequer and National Lottery funding split between 325 pools in more than 260 local authorities.

27th February 2024

Tennis Court Paint Kit - 11 x 20 Litres of Tennis Court Paint & FREE Line Marking Paint.

Tennis Court Paint Kit - 11 x 20 Litres of PQ149 Tennis Court Paint.

26th February 2024

Buy Squash Court Paint at 2023 Prices.

Environmentally friendly Water Based Squash Court Paint for painting new court walls and for the repainting of previously painted courts.

25th January 2024

Elevate Your Pool Projects with Technical Paint Services - The First Choice for Architects, Specifiers & Pool Owners.

Are you a pool owner or specifier in search of high-performance paint systems that meet the stringent demands of your discerning swimming pool clients? Look no further than Technical Paint Services.

11th January 2024

Heat Resistant, High, Medium & Low Temperature Paints. Available now.

Availalable now - A range of high performance paints and coatings.

11th January 2024

Slippy Pool Surround or Plant Room Floor problems?

The predicted ice and snow storms will exacerbate the potential for accidents and injuries, so make sure your swimming pool surrounds and floor surfaces are safe!

30th November 2023

If You're Thinking of Painting Outside, BEWARE!

During the winter months, the prospect of tackling exterior painting projects may seem daunting, but with careful consideration, it's entirely possible to achieve successful results even in cooler weather. But only with CARE!

2nd October 2023

Autumn is coming. Get Preparing and Painting!

Autumn is now upon us and what a great time to start those external projects such as painting swimming pools, pool houses, ponds, tennis courts and roofs. Our Prices HELD Until December 31st!

15th September 2023

Recent research from Swim England shows the huge physical and mental benefits of swimming to the nation.

The social value is revealed in Swim England’s latest Value of Swimming report, which outlines how water-based activity continues to make a significant contribution to the physical and mental wellbeing of the nation.

3rd August 2023

Mega Makeover of Once Loved Swimming Pool.

Great advice regarding the restoration of a once much loved swimming pool.

12th July 2023

NEW! ONLINE Ordering Now Available on Most Products.

NEW! We have created a selected range of popular products for Ordering & Buying Online via our main site at Technical Paint Services.

6th June 2023

How To Prepare your Swimming Pool for pre-season Painting.

This information provides guidance and advice for Seasonal preparation for the refurbishment of your indoor, outdoor or covered pool.

29th May 2023

Spring & Sunshine Have Arrived - Enjoy Your Pool!

Spring has finally arrived! Temperatures should climb, winds drop and hopefully, rain will moderate. The countryside is in bloom and everybody will soon be outside enjoying Beaches, BBQs and Swimming Pools.

16th May 2023

I just wanted to say how fantastic your water-based acrylic swimming pool paint is!

"It covers beautifully, has no fumes (great for the guests too!), is really nice and matt so it's 'non-slip'. Goodness, you cannot appreciate how much of a life changer this is for me! Yes, it's just paint but truly revolutionary!

11th May 2023

How to Paint Your Swimming Pool

Guidance and advice for Seasonal preparation for the refurbishment of your indoor, outdoor or covered pool.

25th February 2023

PQ96 Sports Pitch & Road Line Marking Paint

Very fast drying, external Sports Pitch & Line Marking Paint. For concrete, asphalt, stone and metal.

9th February 2023

New - Our Premium Quality Range (PQ). Great Value Paints!

A range of selected products reformulated to provide excellent performance at a competitive price.

11th November 2022

Holiday Park Maintenance Paints at Technical Paint Services.

At our main site, see our range of paints for holiday park maintenance HERE...

29th August 2022

Fantastic refurbishment of the spring-fed outdoor pool at the New Bath Hotel & Spa, Matlock Bath.

See the video - The New Bath Hotel and Spa, is a stunning hotel and spa situated in the village of Matlock Bath in the Peak District.

10th May 2022

A Pool With a View!

We were recently contacted by a gentleman from Jersey who had been recommended to us, regarding our swimming pool paints. Mr Griggs required advice regarding repairs and painting of his older concrete pool.

15th December 2021

We were thrilled to supply our Chlorinated Rubber System, R10 Finish and RP10 Primer for the Porchester Pool Hall.

Breathtaking in its authenticity, the elaborate swimming pool that sits within Bayswater’s historic Porchester Centre has been lovingly restored to its former glory.

16th September 2021

Thought you might like to see a photo of the finished result, the paint was a joy to apply and the colour was perfect.

"I just wanted to thank you for the speedy delivery and excellent service that you provided."

17th August 2021

Tennis Court Restoration

A recent refurbishment of a private tennis court using Technical Paint Services AG149 Tennis Court Kit.

1st September 2020

Get Outside and Get Painting! The Autumn Season is upon us!

Autumn has arrived! The time of year that Keats called the 'Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness'.

27th August 2020

Public Swimming Pool Refurbishment

Government advice for providers of swimming pool, gym and leisure facilities on cleaning, social distancing, and protection for staff to help venues get back up and running safely.

17th August 2020

See our new Swimming Pool Paint Colour Charts here.

See our latest Swimming Pool Paint Colour Charts for inspiration. Our Colour Charts present larger, clearer and more accurate images of available pool paint ranges. Enjoy even greater definition on your smart phone!

1st August 2020

NEW - Mid-Sheen Farm Oxide Paint & Primer.

NEW! Mid-Sheen Farm Oxide Paint & Primer.

24th July 2020


Since the lifting of lockdown we have seen unprecedented demand for Pool Hall paints and all Tennis Court and Squash Court paints.

25th May 2020

Water-based swimming Pool Paint for Abercynon Paddling Pool

Technical Paints Supply "Paddle Power" to the Abercynon Paddling Pool.

14th April 2020

Preparing & Painting Your Swimming Pool

This information provides guidance on Spring maintenance and preparation for the refurbishment of your indoor, outdoor or covered swimming pool.

6th April 2020

Refurbishment of Baptism Pool, Borras Park Evangelical Church, Wrexham

What type of paint should be used to repaint the Baptism Pool at Borras Park Evangelical Church, Wrexham, North Wales?

7th November 2019

Download Latest Technical Data & MSDS Safety Sheets

November 2019, all of our TECHNICAL DATA and MSDS SAFETY sheets have been updated to meet the latest compliance regulations.

13th March 2019

Is there a multi purpose paint that can be applied in damp, cooler conditions?

Can I paint in cooler, damper weather?

25th October 2017

The Junction Sports and Leisure Centre Swimming Pool Refurbishment Broadstone, Poole.

Technical Paints Services were approached by The Junction Sports & Leisure Centre, a busy and popular local community sports centre owned and run by the YMCA based in Broadstone, Poole.

26th May 2017

The RHS Chelsea Flower Show & blooms everywhere - THE ideal time to paint outside.

As Spring turns to Summer, so temperatures should climb, winds drop and hopefully, rain will moderate. The countryside is in full bloom and the RHS Chelsea Flower Show has kick-started the Season.

17th May 2017

My husband says it's the best paint he's ever used!

16th February 2017

Swimming Pool Fever - Looks like Spring has come early for some!

15th June 2016

Tennis Court Paints for Guernsey hotel

"Our client, St Pierre Park Hotel in Guernsey, (Hand Picked Hotel Group) is delighted with the Tennis Courts."
MB Gallienne, Director Ounsworth Décor, Guernsey.

17th February 2016

Murray Edwards College, New Hall, University of Cambridge.

A short while ago, we had an email from Murray Edwards College Estates Department regarding the refurbishment of a significant water feature in the grounds of the College with an unusual "Pearl" colour.

20th November 2015

Beat the British climate! Painting in Damper conditions.

Did last years wet Spring, Summer and Autumn prevent you from painting? Did your maintenance project or your clients' contract have to be postponed?

1st August 2015

...Are you looking for great swimming pool paint and helpful technical advice...

Read how our Technical Team achieved a great result for a happy client.

7th April 2015

Getting Your Pool Ready For Use?

NEW FORMULATION. A fast drying, single pack paint which has mild resistance to a wide range of chemicals. Recently re-formulated for ease of application. Ideally suited for application to pool halls on moisture resistant surfaces.

5th January 2015

Swimming Pool Hall Maintenance? Try our Acrylic Emulsion E27.

If you have have a covered or indoor pool, do take the time to maintain paintwork in and around the pool and pool room areas.

7th April 2014

Swimming Pool Paints - huge range of types and colours!

See the Technical Paint Services guide, "HOW TO PAINT A SWIMMING POOL". Our Guide provides great advice for the preparation and painting of swimming pools. Download Free of Charge.