RAL Colour Chart for Swimming pool paints

RAL Colour Chart for swimming pool paints. Manufacturer of quality paints in RAL colours and other colour systems. BS4800 colours also available. We are currently seeing increased demand for Black paint for infinity pools.

Please note that the RAL range is a range of colours and NOT a range of paint finishes. It is important to establish the correct paint for your intended use and then ascertain its colour availability. Minimum 10.0 Litres per colour.

DISCLAIMER: Due to differences in screen displays that are beyond our control, the colours on these pages cannot be guaranteed to match the actual colour of the manufactured product. All colours are shown for guidance only.

PLEASE NOTE: Prices for RAL coloured paints are based on the "strength" of the selected colour, Pastel (P) or Strong (S).

We no longer offer printed colour cards. However, printed colour swatches are available to purchase from e-paint.co.uk.

1000P 1001P 1002P 1003S 1004S 1005S 1006S 1007S 1011P 1012S
1013P 1014P 1015P 1016S 1017P 1018S 1019P 1020P 1021S 1023S
1024P 1027P 1028S 1032S 1033S 1034S 2000S 2001S 2002S 2003S
2004S 2008S 2009S 2010S 2011S 2012P 3000S 3001S 3002S 3003S
3004S 3005S 3007S 3009S 3011S 3012P 3013S 3014P 3015P 3016S
3017S 3018S 3020S 3022P 3027S 3031S 4001S 4002S 4003S 4004S
4005S 4006S 4007S 4008S 4009P 4010S 5000S 5001S 5002S 5003S
5004S 5005S 5007P 5008P 5009P 5010S 5011S 5012S 5013S 5014P
5015S 5017S 5018P 5019S 5020S 5021S 5022S 5023S 5024P 6000S
6001S 6002S 6003S 6004S 6005S 6006S 6007S 6008S 6009S 6010S
6011P 6012S 6013P 6014P 6015P 6016S 6017S 6018S 6019P 6020S
6021P 6022S 6024S 6025P 6026S 6027P 6028S 6029S 6032S 6033P
6034P 7000P 7001P 7002P 7003P 7004P 7005P 7006P 7008S 7009P
7010P 7011P 7012P 7013P 7015P 7016P 7021S 7022P 7023P 7024P
7026P 7030P 7031P 7032P 7033P 7034P 7035P 7036P 7037P 7038P
7039P 7040P 7042P 7043P 7044P 7045P 7046P 7047P 8000S 8001S
8002S 8003S 8004S 8007S 8008S 8011S 8012S 8014S 8015S 8016S
8017S 8019S 8022S 8023S 8024S 8025S 8028S 9001P 9002P 9003P
9004S 9005S 9016P 9017S  


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