Pre-Treatments, Primers & Sub Aquatic Coatings

Pre-Treatments, Primers & Sub Aquatic Coatings

Call 01202 295570. In addition to our SPECIALIST pool paints and coatings, we also manufacture a variety of performance paints and coatings for sub aquatic environments and surfaces such as pontoons, lock gates, water-wheels, sumps, bunds, sewage treatment plant, windfarm floors etc. These performance paints are ideal for areas or situations where water, chemical, oil or petroleum products are spilled, splashed or flooded and create hazardous environments.

Importantly, to maximise the performance of our products, we offer a range of Cleaners, De-greasers and other "Pre-treatments" that should be used in conjunction with our specialist paint systems.

High Performance Chlorinated Rubber Paint, R10

High Performance Chlorinated Rubber Paint is an air drying, single pack system resistant to a wide range of chemicals, sewage and mineral oil. Having excellent exterior durability and heat resistance, R10 is ideally suited for application to brickwork, slate roofs, steel, chemical storage tanks, bridges, marine equipment, swimming pool surrounding walls, floors and ceilings, sewage tanks etc.
Product Code - R10

High Performance Chlorinated Rubber Primer, RP10

A fast drying Chlorinated Rubber based primer, pigmented with Zinc Phosphate. Affords good abrasion resistance and anti-corrosive properties.
Product Code - RP10

Universal Gunwash, Degreaser & Metal Cleaner, X19

Universal Gunwash, Degreaser & Metal Cleaner. A powerful solvent based cleaner for spraying equipment, brushes and rollers, which is capable of removing cellulose and spirit lacquers.
Product Code - X19

High Performance, Chemical Resistant Chlorinated Rubber Floor Paint, R34

A fast drying, single pack floor finish which has excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals.
Product Code - R34

High Performance, Chemical Resistant Non-Slip Chlorinated Rubber Floor Paint, R35

A fast drying, single pack non-slip floor finish which has excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals. Resistant to acids, alkalis, inorganic salts, mineral oil and water. Suitable for swimming pool surrounds and plant rooms.
Product Code - R35

Mordant Solution, X85

A pre-treatment for new, galvanised metal surfaces. Mordant Solution chemically etches and prepares the surface of new, bright galvanised metal to provide adhesion for subsequent paint and varnish systems.
Product Code - X85

Universal Premium Synthetic Thinners, UTR112

A specially formulated synthetic thinners suitable for use with all alkyd, chlorinated rubber and one pack polyurethane finishes.
Product Code - UTR112

Acid Wash Hard Surface Swimming Pool Cleaner, AWC1035

Acid Wash Cleaner (Hydrochloric Acid or Muriatic Acid). Recommended for use as a pre-treatment before re-painting your pool. This powerful acid-based cleaner is designed to promote and help clean concrete, stone surfaces and old painted surfaces. It should be used to remove calcium scale, chemical residue, body fats, suntan oils and other surface contaminates on previously painted pool surfaces and surrounding areas.
Product Code - AWC1035

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