Friday 6th December 2019

Maintain your pool through the Winter - swimming pool winter painting maintenance

As Summer fades into Autumn, so the use of outside, uncovered pools wanes. If you're lucky enough to have a covered or indoor pool for Winter use, do take the time to maintain paintwork in and around the pool and pool room areas. Now is still an excellent time to put right and paint pools, their surrounds and the plant room. Providing application temperatures remain above 10C and it remains dry, then it’s fine to clean and re-paint.

Swimming pool winter painting maintenance. If the temperature drops below 10C when you wish to paint, then please consult our guide "Painting In Cooler Weather" and also see the relevant Technical Data Sheet.

If you are lucky enough to have a pool housing and undertake painting and maintenance, then it’s still good practice to open the doors and windows to allow the paint to dry naturally.

We offer not only swimming pool paints but also a comprehensive range of primers, undercoats and finishes in both water based and high performance solvent options. These are ideal for structures, pool halls, changing rooms and plant rooms. External fountains, water features, animal pools and leisure parks can also be freshened up during the forthcoming months providing the air temperature remains suitable.


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