Thursday 9th February 2023

New - Our Premium Quality Range (PQ). Great Value Paints!

A range of selected products reformulated to provide excellent performance at a competitive price. An introductory range, the selection of products will grow in number, providing greater choice and value. MORE HERE...

These complement the GREAT VALUE additions to our existing range of PRIMERS & HEAT RESISTING products. A range of high performance paints and coatings for use in high temperature, aggressive and demanding environments, with some recently re-introduced products brought back as a result of continuing demand.

2023 PRICING - Even with continuing increases in supply chain costs as well as energy charges, wherever possible we have held prices down in these challenging times – MORE than 75% of product prices remain unaltered.

We hope this will enable all necessary MAINTENANCE, REFURBISHMENT & INFRASTRUCTURE PROTECTION to remain affordable as undue delays in serious works typically result in increased costs along the line - so PLEASE don’t delay - order your paint and start your maintenance projects NOW!

We have over 75 years of knowledge and paints available. To guide you through specific options for nearly every SURFACE, contact OUR TECHNICAL TEAM - Call 01202 295570 or EMAIL us for assistance.