Solvent Based or Single Pack, Water Based Pool Paint?

water based or solvent based swimming pool paintSolvent Based or Single-Pack Water Based Swimming Pool Paint? Which paint should you use? Consider the Advantages and Disadvantages of our two best-selling Swimming Pool Paints, WB148 Single-Pack Acrylic Water Based, or A148 Chlorinated Rubber Solvent Based. All comparisons based on the same coverage rate of up to 40 sq metres per 5.0 Litres per coat.

WB148 Single-Pack Acrylic Water Based Swimming Pool Paint (info...)
Cost lower
Life Expectancy - 3-4 years (Dependent on Water Quality and maintenance)
Longer Life for indoor pools
Virtually VOC-Free (Water Based)
Good Green Credentials - Will continue onward production and availability
Warmer Weather dependent for Application
Can be applied over all Pool Coating Types as well as New surfaces
New Concrete surface must be over 8 weeks old
Full Colour Range
DIY-Friendly Application
A148 Chlorinated Rubber Solvent Based Swimming Pool Paint (info...)
Cost higher
Life Expectancy - 5-6 years (Dependent on Water Quality and maintenance)
Longer Life for outdoor pools
VOC-Compliant (Solvent Based)
Not so Environmentally Friendly - Will see a gradual phase out
Lower Temperature Application and Shower-Proof in 30 Minutes
Should only be used over existing Chlorinated Rubber Paints or New surfaces
New Concrete surface Must Be over 4 Weeks old
Full Colour Range
For Professional Use Only in all Environments

When to use a Professional Decorator
Subject to the product, substrate, building etc, a Professional Decorator or Contractor may be required to perform the task of applying certain high-performance coatings. This is because some products contain potentially harmful chemicals and solvents and when they are in a wet form, will have higher than normal VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and must not be used by an unqualified person.

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