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About Technical Paint Services, The Home of Swimming Pool Paints.

Thank you for visiting our website which provides details of our swimming pool paints and coatings as well as a range of associated pool-related paints. It is the specialist pools website of Technical Paint Services, an independent, specialist paint manufacturer and supplier, established in 1946.

We are specialist paint manufacturers, offering a variety of coatings to be used in swimming pools, in pool halls, pool structures and enclosures, in ponds, water features and on surrounding pool areas. Please note we are not decorating contractors and do not provide a painting/application service.

Paint for swimming pool maintenance. We manufacture our own range of Chlorinated Rubber Swimming Pool Paint and Acrylic Swimming Pool Paint. We have White Acrylic Pool paint available "off the shelf" and a range of water based pool paints and chlorinated rubber based coatings for both under and above water. Our Chlorinated Rubber Paint may be used for hydrotherapy pools and spas including canine and equine therapy pools. These animal pools should be regularly cleaned by pressure washing.

We have recently added some great new colours to both our water based and solvent based pool paints. Please see our RAL or BS4800 ranges. 

Anti-slip pool paint, chemical and urine resistant paints and high performance multi-surface paints available. A variety of coatings to be used in pools and on pool surrounds. Smooth, gloss and anti-slip paints to treat concrete and metal surfaces along with pools, changing and shower areas. Paint for pool structures, paddling pools, ornamental ponds, Baptism & Blessing pools and water features. We have a fine, anti-slip finish for aluminium pool copings.

NOTE: For advice regarding all GRP/Glass Fibre, previously lined or marbelite pools, whether coated or uncoated, please call our Technical Team on 01202 295570.

Prices for swimming pool paints are listed with the individual products. For more information, best advice or to place your order, please call us on 01202 295570.

"We would just like to say how delighted we are with your pool paint and your service. Our order was shipped to Cyprus - by us - and one tin had spilt in transit. All our responsibility, of course, but you replaced it free of charge, and immediately. Unasked!  My husband says it's the best paint he's ever used and we have a very large pool, so it's a big job. Good stuff everyone, and many, many thanks."
Jeannette Freeman

Spring is upon us and what a great time for those projects such as painting swimming pools, pool houses, ponds, tennis courts and roofs. As the seasons change, it is important that you are aware of the optimum weather and temperature conditions for maximising your painting opportunities. So let's get painting!

The prolonged, very wet Winter has left damage to surfaces that will need attention before painting. The freeze/thaw action has broken down asphalt and tarmac surfaces and blown many poorly protected concrete surfaces such as pools, pool surrounds and roofing areas in particular. Many will need cutting out and replacement sections put in place. Get planning & preparing before painting!

Whatever the surface or job in mind, we offer a comprehensive range of coatings: from ROOFS to FLOORS, WALLS or PLANT and SILOs, TENNIS COURTS and MUGAs.

Please contact our Technical Team for advice and product suitability. CALL 01202 295570.

We offer a full, free advisory service to help you before you paint. Just email us with a broad outline of your project, ideally with photos to show the condition of the substrate. We will assess your situation and give you our recommendations along with a painting specification and timings to help achieve your end result. If the condition of the substrate is too damaged or outside of our product range, then we will advise you accordingly.

We offer a comprehensive range of paints and performance coatings for most situations and surfaces. Some popular types are in stock and others are made to order within a few working days. With new resources, we are now able to offer a faster turnaround on our most popular products.

We are pleased to receive enquiries of a technical nature. Call us on 01202 295570 or email us with your enquiry. We have a vast range of mainstream and specialist products suitable for domestic or commercial swimming pools and pool environments. We also have over 70 years of expertise to call upon so we rarely come across a requirement we haven’t seen before and we can supply both water based and solvent based systems for professional and trade use.

If you suffer with “Solar Gain” (greenhouse effect) from a glass, asphalt or metal roof, see our Solar Reflective and Anti-glare products which are available HERE.

Pool Paints - We offer a wide range of standard colours available in either WB148 Water Based Pool Paint or our A148 Chlorinated Rubber Pool Paint, delivered within a few days, and other bespoke colours typically available in about 7 days.

If you are lucky enough to have combined sports facilities, we make Squash and Tennis Court Coatings along with the appropriate Line-Marking Paints. A full range of Specialist Primers and Coatings for your steel superstructures are also available, along with Smooth and Anti-Slip Flooring Paints for all applications.

You should start your seasonal maintenance process by identifying the surface (substrate) to be painted, it’s general condition and what you want the end result to look like (such as colour, texture and sheen). Once you have established your ideal end-result, refer to our Substrate Index for options and take a few invaluable moments to read our Painting Guides - see below.

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If in doubt or you need guidance, just pop us an email or give our Team a call on 01202 295570.

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