Painting a swimming pool

My Swimming Pool Paint is Fading
Painted pools will begin to fade over time. Nothing will stop this, but you can “brighten-up” the paint by using a suitable pool cleaner which will remove any dirt and chalking that can dull a paint finish. After cleaning the pool, rinse extremely well and refill the pool.

My Swimming Pool Paint is Chalking
Some painted surfaces will begin to break down over a period of time. The process can result in dull, hazy water, as well as producing a white powdery residue that can rub off on hands, feet and bathing costumes. To prevent this process occurring, water chemistry and water maintenance are essential. The total alkalinity must be in the correct range. If the alkalinity is too low, the pool paint will rub off. Harsh shock treatments will also cause the pool paint to chalk. Only use treatments recommended by your pool maintenance company, telling them you have a painted surface. Harsh shock treatments like Calcium Hypochlorite will contribute to the deterioration of the pool paint finish.

My Swimming Pool Paint has Blisters and Bubbles
Blistering is almost always caused by improper preparation of the existing surface before application of the new paint. The new pool paint must be applied to a clean, dry surface. If the paint is applied too thick, or if the surface is too hot or warm, or if the pool is not cleaned properly, it will blister. Application temperature will also affect the final result. Where blisters have occurred, the only option is repaint the pool or the spots that have blistered.

Whatever paint you use, it is important to follow the instructions provided, follow recommended safety guidelines and make sure you prepare the pool and the surrounds properly. Preparation is the most important step in pool painting. Without the proper preparation the paint will not bond with the wall or existing surface. Which paint do I use for my swimming pool?

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