Anti glare, solar reflecting paints and coatings for improved heat dissipation


Solar reflective paint. Use our A5 or E6 ANTI GLARE SHADING PAINT to reduce solar heat gain on glass, perspex or plastic swimming pool roofs and roofing sheets. Also ideal for conservatory roofs.

A5 Solvent Based Heat Reducing Paint gives a permanent solution in white or green. A translucent coating designed to reduce the intensity of sunlight transmitted through glass or perspex windows. Suitable for use in situations such as swimming pool housings and roofs. Reduces solar gain and negative greenhouse effects and provides good durability, being able to withstand the extremes of both winter and summer weather. For external use only.
PRICE JUST £62.00 per 5.0 Litres, +VAT.

E6 Water Based Heat Reducing Paint gives a temporary finish and protection. Ideal for the swimming pool and glasshouse trade and available in white or green. A translucent coating designed to reduce the intensity of sunlight, reduces solar gain and unwanted greenhouse effects. It would normally be applied in spring or early summer, and will last until degraded by winter frost and inclement weather, when it will wash off. For external use only.
PRICE JUST £49.00 per 5.0 Litres, +VAT.

Ease the misery of over heating with SOLAR REFLECTING COATING  for improved heat dissipation.
A fast drying range, spirit based, with a solar reflecting finish suitable for application to tarmac, concrete, asphalt and glass. The A146/60 & 61 formulations help to to decrease the need for air conditioning, fuel consumption, emissions of greenhouse gases and air pollutants. Our A146 Solar Reflecting Paint range is available in White, Grey (water-based) and Silver and includes the following products:

A146/5 White Solar Reflecting Roof Paint Spirit based
A146/5/4 White Solar Reflecting Water Based Roof Paint

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