WB148 Water Based Swimming Pool Paint

Acrylic Water Based Swimming Pool Paint, WB148

acrylic swimming pool paint turquoise technical paint servicesPhoto shows paint colour from BS4800 range, Turquoise 18E51.

FOR AUGUST, 18E49 JUST £44.95+VAT per 5.0 Litres, + FREE Delivery on orders of 20.0 Litres or more, UK Mainland only.

Water based Swimming Pool Paint, 100% pure Acrylic, suitable for application to all types of porous substrates and other pool coatings, but not suitable for application over two pack epoxies. Exhibiting excellent water resistance and also suitable as a coating for inside concrete ponds. Ideal for swimming pool, health spa and hydrotherapy pool maintenance.

For the FOURTH year running, despite increases for the cost of our materials, we have managed to hold the price of WB148 Swimming Pool Paint in standard colours. THIS IS THE BETTER, ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY, WATER-BASED, EASY TO USE OPTION.

Availability: WB148 Acrylic Swimming Pool Paint, in a choice of colours. Available from stock and delivered within 2 working days.

We recommend: Acid Wash Swimming Pool Cleaner - use as a pre-treatment for cleaning a previously painted pool. See more HERE.

Paddling Pool Paint. A fine  anti-slip texture is available. We suggest using the fine finish in paddling pools where its texture will provide a kind finish on the skin of young children. Also suitable for baptism and blessing pools. The fine finish is easy to apply and clean and should be used in areas where greater traction is required. We can also offer non-slip and anti-skid finishes for walk-in shower areas.

Availability: 10 Litres minimum and 5 Litres minimum in the colours shown below, from the BS4800 colour range. Limited RAL colours to order. Strictly Net Price.

If you wish to paint a newly rendered or concreted surface that is less than 8 - 10 weeks old, it is recommended that you use our Chlorinated Rubber Swimming Pool Paint A148, which can be applied after just 4 weeks.

Most popular colours shown below available in minimum of 5 Litres:

18E49 swimming pool paint 18E50 swimming pool paint 18E51 blue swimming pool paint fresco blue swimming pool paint  
Ice Blue
Fresco Blue

DISCLAIMER: Due to differences in screen displays that are beyond our control, the colours on these pages cannot be guaranteed to match the actual colour of the manufactured product. All colours are shown for guidance only.

Price: White, 18E49, 18E50, 18E51 & 20E51 £51.00 +VAT per 5 Litres.
FOR AUGUST, 18E49 JUST £44.95+VAT per 5.0 Litres, + FREE Delivery on orders of 20.0 Litres or more, UK Mainland only.

Price: All other colours £P.O.A. Minimum 10 Litres.

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Product Code - WB148

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