Swimming Pool Paint Product Index

Swimming Pool Paint Product Index

Index of paint types for use in and around swimming pools, pool houses & enclosures, plant rooms and changing areas. We have a range of paints to be used in swimming pools, swimming pool enclosures & pool houses, ponds, water features and on surrounding pool areas.

We manufacture our own range of Chlorinated Rubber Swimming Pool Paint and Acrylic Swimming Pool Paint. We have White Acrylic Pool paint available "off the shelf" and a range of water based pool paints and chlorinated rubber based coatings for both under and above water. Our Chlorinated Rubber Paint may be used for hydrotherapy pools and spas including canine and equine therapy pools.

A5 Anti-Glare Solvent Based Paint

E6 Anti-Glare Water Based Paint

R10 Chlorinated Rubber Paint for Swimming Pool Enclosures

RP10 Chlorinated Rubber Primer

RG10 Contract Grade Chlorinated Rubber Paint for Swimming Pool Surrounds

R11 Chlorinated Rubber High Build Paint

X19 Universal Gunwash, Degreaser & Metal Cleaner

E27 Acrylic Emulsion Paint for Swimming Pool Enclosures & Surrounds

EP27 Acrylic Emulsion Primer & EPT27 Textured Acrylic Primer

ES27 Acrylic Emulsion 100% Clear Sealer

A30 Alkyd Floor Paint, all Colours & Clear

R34 Chlorinated Rubber Floor Paint

R35 Anti-Slip Chlorinated Rubber Floor Paint

A49 Amel Lead Free Paint

AMP49 Anti-Corrosive Zinc Phospate Primer

AP49 Amel Lead Free Primer

APM49 Aluminium Wood Primer

AU49 Amel Lead Free Decorators Undercoat

AS56 Alkali Resisting Primer, White

A58 Pliolite Based Masonry Paint in Pastel Shades & White

AP79 Universal Primer Grey

X85 Mordant Solution

A109 Synthamel Finish Paint, Gloss & Eggshell Finish

AG109 Synthamel (synthetic enamel) Gloss Paint, Contract Grade

AU109 Synthamel Undercoat

UTR112 Universal Synthetic Thinners

A147 Squash Court Paint

A147 RED Squash Court Line Marking Paint

A148 Chlorinated Rubber Swimming Pool Paint

A148NS Anti-Slip Chlorinated Rubber Swimming Pool Paint

WB148 Acrylic Water Based Swimming Pool Paint & Anti-Slip Textured Paddling Pool Paint

A149 Coloured Acrylic Tennis Court Paint

AG149 Contract Grade Acrylic Tennis Court Paint

Special Offer AG149 Acrylic Tennis Court Paint

APG149 Tennis Court Surface Binder

LM149 Sports Pitch and Court Line Marking Paint

R1007 Acrylated Rubber Chemical Resistant Paint

RP1007 Acrylated Rubber Anti-Corrosive Metal Primer

RU1007 Acrylated Rubber Undercoat

WBP1020 Two Pack Multi Surface Primer

WBP1030 Water Based Surface Primer

AWC1035 Acid Wash Swimming Pool Cleaner

Stockists of: Fertan Rust Converter Rust Treatment

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